What is Upstox | Features, and Details of Upstox in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a platform that has emerged in the last few months, which has left many platforms behind.

What is Upstox

Upstox is a trading platform where you can buy and sell shares. Upstox was started jointly by Ravi Kumar and Srini Vishwanath in January 2012 under the name RKSV. The main office of upstox is in Mumbai inside India, with many disadvantages and advantages, it gradually progressed itself.

After 6 years of hard work and hard work, leaving India’s top broker behind, joined the list of India’s top broker for the first time.

Was ranked 19th in 2018 with 92781 clients Next year 2019 upstox, there was a lot of improvement in trading platform and in September 2019 Mr. Ratan Tata invested in upstox with a huge jump inside upstox It was seen that all this happened because of Mr. Ratan Tata who is a well-known personality.

In 2019, upstox was ranked 4th in the list of best brokers with an active client base of 619305, leaving behind many brokers.

After that in 2020 due to Corona virus and lockdown, where every company was suffering a lot, at the same time 1 million new customers were added to the office upstox within only 6 months and by 2021, 15 lakh 44 thousand were active. is client.

Upstox is number two in the list of best brokers, leaving behind the broker of ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, its last year growth rate is 148% which is a very big number.

Trading Products and Features Of Upstox in 2022

For a long time, you are in the field of stock trade market, gradually you have added many products inside its trading platform and have improved them. And get the facility.

  • Equity trading
  • Currency trading
  • Commodity trading
  • Future and option
  • ETFMutual fund invest
  • Digital gold
  • Government securities
  • Ipo investment
  • market recap provider
  • Upstox global investment facility
  • Upstox global investment facility

3 in1 account

In this you will get a zero-saving bank account of industrial bank as well as demat and trading account. With the help of three in one account, we can add fund inside upstox through an OTP.

No Debit Card, Net Banking or UPI is needed to add funds, only One Click and One OTP, plus whatever funds remain in the trading account automatically goes back to the bank at the end of the day.

If you want, you can open a three in one account, it is an optional as we have seen that its product range is very long, whether you are a trader, you will get every product, you will get every product inside this platform, whichever is your requirement. With this you can use any product.

Account Opening and Maintenance Charges in Upstox in 2022

To open an account, you have to pay only once in it, which you have to pay only at the time of opening the account, so account opening charges should not be so focused.

If it is free then it is very good and if it is not then still there is not much problem, always you should focus on account maintenance charges, we have to pay maintenance charges every year or every month, so we have to focus on it.

We should choose the broker whose account maintenance charge is minimum there is zero charge for opening upstox account but account opening charges are not always zero.

upstox keeps on running different account open offer for different time mostly it is free but sometimes it charges ₹249 + GST ​​when demat account charges for opening trading account then many different Also benefits are upstox account maintenance charges ₹25 + GST ​​per month.

Where other brokers charge annual charges, instead of taking 25 GST account maintenance charges every month, you reduce the stock every month, then the cost of 1 year will be ₹ 300 plus GST is very less.

But the other account brokers have the highest charges, at least some service brokers charge between 500 to ₹ 1000 for account maintenance, like in the beginning we said where we have to focus on the account maintenance charger. And you get the lowest stock maintenance charge.

Upstox Account Opening Offers in 2022

As we have just mentioned above, you run on different account openings at different times inside upstox, sometimes it is free and sometimes 249 GST is charged.

To open the account but when there is a charge then upstox gives us many free offers. For example, 30 days to unlimited broker or premium subscription to any one, sometimes Moneycontrol Pro subscription, or Stockedge freemium or sometimes other product or platform only, whatever the offer will remain.

You will find the opening account link in the description below with whatever offer it will offer. As we have seen, there are many accounts opening offers available.

But never open an account by looking at the account opening offer. We have to see how the broker’s service is, how much the broker is charging, how is its trading platform, if all these three things are good, then only then we have to open the account.

Brokerage Charges in Upstox 2022

Brokerage charges are a main income source for the broker, on the other hand, for retail investors like us and you, brokerage charges matter the most, so we have to choose a broker whose brokerage charges are minimum.

There are two brokerage charges plan inside your upstox plan first is basic its charges are low second is priority its charges are a bit high let us understand the charges of both the plans in detail.

Equity Delivery in Upstox 2022

Upstox brokerage charges 1 paisa for both the plans if you invest for long term or if you buy shares today and sell them on some other day.

The government says that no charges can be zero for any service, that’s why no matter how much quantity you buy or sell together, one paisa is charged for brokerage, one paisa is a very small amount, that’s why the charges should be reduced. You can assume zero.

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Equity Intrade in Upstox 2022

On the day you buy the share, if you sell the share on the same day, then in the basic plane you get 0.05 percent or maximum ₹ 20, whichever is less, the brokerage charges.

Similarly, on the order price, the charges are slightly higher in the priority plane. Zero. 10 percent and ₹ 30, whichever is less, the brokerage charges will be applicable for equity future, currency future, commodity future, apart from these three brokerage charges are exactly the same Same as basic plan and priority plan as well.

Equity option, current option, commodity option No matter how much quantity you buy and share in these three basic plans, we have to pay ₹ 20 brokerage charge for priority plane, there are charges on ₹ 30 in addition to order brokerage charges, government a small amount takes taxes.

Dp Charges or Call and Trade Charges in Upstox 2022

Apart from delivery, no one is charged dp charges on other segments, you have to pay charges on delivery only at the time of selling and that too only once and its dp charges are 18.5+ gst per script.  

does not buy,
sell has to be given
don’t have to pay dp charge

If any person does a share parcel by calling customer care, then it is called call and trade and its charges are Rs 20 per order.

Exposure in Upstox 2022

If you have less money and you want to trade more money than that, then the broker lends us, if you have ₹ 10000, then its 4 times ₹ 200000, then you will be able to trade ₹ 200000.

Upstox Customer Support Helpline

upstox broker is known to keep charges low for low cost discount broker doesn’t pay much attention to customer support but still in these cases upstox will not disappoint you so much even if you don’t get very premium customer service inside stock We get decent customer support.

  • Call support : 912271309999 / 022-4179-2999 / 022-6130-9999
  • eMail support : support@upstox.com
  • Web support chatbox

If we talk about its call support then it may be a bit late but it does attend the call and when it comes to email support then it is very fast.

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