What is PF and EPF? Benefits of PF in 2022

What is PF and EPF

Those who do government or private jobs, they will know about PF and EPF, because PF has Full Form Provident Fund and EPF has Full Form Employee Provident Fund, some people call it PF and some people also call it EPF. means the same thing.

What is the Percentage Deposited in PF?

Many people do not know that what percentage of their salary is going to PF and how much money is deposited from the company side.

Employee’s Pension Scheme

Those who work in the company, 12 percent is put by the company in their PF, in which some percent is also put in the pension scheme, when you can withdraw this money as a pension after retirement if your less than 10 years. If you have worked in the company then you can withdraw your pension money completely.

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