How to Earn Money From CoinSwitch App in 2022

Downloading and Creating Account in CoinSwitch Kuber App

First of all you have to download CoinSwitch Cuber Application. After downloading, open them and enter your mobile number, after that login by entering OTP.

After this, you have to create a 4 digit Pin Code for your application. After the PIN code is created, your app will be started. You have to do this process just to login to the app. Now you have to activate your wallet, then only you can transfer your money to your bank.

CoinSwitch Withdraw Or Refer Earn

When your account is ready, then 50Rs in your wallet. Will get bitcoin. To Withdraw This Bitcoin You Have At Least 100Rs In Your Wallet Should be.

For this, share this app with your friends and tell them. Let me tell you, you will get 50Rs on a referral. And you can share to only 3 people in 24 hours i.e. you can earn 150Rs in a day.

1 Refer = 50Rs. + Extra Reward 24 Hours = 3 Refer

In this way you can earn a lot of money. If you got to learn something new from this post, then share it with other people as well.