Safe Investments With High Returns in India

If you are looking for safe investments with high returns in India, then you have plenty of options. If you are looking for safety, then look for mutual funds, or in other words, equity funds. And finally, if you wish for high rates of returns and are concerned about liquidity, then look for liquid funds like junk bonds and gold.

Questions like the safest investment plan and where to invest the money are essential for every investor. Investment in Indian mutual funds and other such schemes have many advantages. However, there is uncertainty concerning investment plans like a mutual fund and different investing options in India. Some questions may arise, like why should one prefer investing in these funds? What are its pros and cons, and how much does it cost? In this article, let us look at some safe investments with high returns in India.

Some of the Safe Investments with High Returns in India are Listed Below:

Postal Savings Plan

The most preferred mutual fund in India is the Indian Postal Savings and Equity Scheme (PSSE), introduced in 1965 by the Post Office of India and is yet to be implemented entirely in all the Indian cities. This scheme allows people to invest a nominal amount of money into a fixed income securities scheme, which in turn grows without any deduction. The returns, however, depend on the growth pattern of the underlying scheme and the nature of the investments undertaken.

Indian Investment Plan

Apart from this, one of India’s best and safest investments with a very high return on investment is the Indian Investment Plan (IAP) scheme, which allows individuals to invest a fixed sum of money into the schemes offered by the government. With these, one can also save tax based on dividends received from the investment company, but the benefits of the IAP scheme are much more.

Debt Mutual Fund

The next best option for safe investments with high returns in India is debt mutual funds. These investments give very high residual returns, but the only disadvantage is that the returns are very high only till the debt accumulated is repaid. A person who intends to invest large amounts in the debt mutual funds should therefore invest gradually and pay only the minimum interest rate in his monthly income to avoid debts and keep the high residual sum.

PPS Scheme

The most profitable safe investment with high returns in India is the PPS scheme. This scheme allows the account holder to invest a part of their savings in a high-interest savings bank account. This option is only available to the account holder, and hence there is no need for an investor to open an offshore account. However, the interest received from this account is meager compared to that of a regular bank account. An investor interested in this scheme should ideally have a steady monthly income and a decent credit history.

Term Life Insurance Plans

The next in this list is the term life insurance plans and the critical scheme. Both these schemes offer fixed returns for a fixed period, but one must be sure that he does not take a term life insurance scheme if his life expectancy is less than 5 years. The key scheme also offers a high amount of residuals, but it is not advisable for those who want to cash in their policy within the prescribed term as the amount cashed in is also very low.

Mutual Funds

For a long time now, Indian mutual funds have been a preferred choice of investors and institutions worldwide for investment in domestic and international markets. It has been primarily because the returns on such schemes have been consistently high, and this is one of the main reasons behind their popularity in the first place. In India, apart from the fact that it offers a high return on investment, they also provide tax-free savings, thus making them even more desirable.

NRE Plans

Other safe investments with high returns in India are government schemes such as the Minimum fund requirements, NRE plan. The NRE plan allows you to invest up to only the first 30% of the total amount you invest. This scheme is also considered very attractive by many as it allows investors to invest in multiple securities through a single plan.

Real Estate Investment

If you are looking for a secure investment in India, you should opt for Real Estate investment. According to experts, investing in India is the safest among all the options available. There are a lot of companies that are providing residential plots and houses. Some of the best companies that deal with property-related matters include Kolkata Real Estate, Reliance Property, Tata Real Estate, and Oberoi Real Estate. These companies are popularly known as MNCs or multi-national corporations.


There are plenty of things that an investor can do to invest in India. These include buying properties, stocks, and mutual funds. Besides these, there are also various options to make safe investments with high returns in India. The most common ways of investing in the country include buying plots and homes, shares, and bonds. In addition, the list also includes options such as exchange-traded funds, option money market funds, bonds, and commodity funds. Investing in Indian mutual funds will be a prudent idea as it allows you to invest in multiple stocks without any restrictions or minimum requirements. You can quickly diversify your portfolio by investing in various financial instruments at the same time. With the help of an excellent financial consultant, you can also make an informed decision on the right type of investment. All these options have their advantages, and they all are not bad options.

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