OSRS Ironman Money Making

Welcome to the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) ironman money making. For those adventurers who want to add money without associating with other players they can visit the various farms mentioned below. Before making money, let us first understand what the Ironman is all about. Ironman is the account type form that was released in the year 2014 to sustain players that choose Ironman mode of playing. It is essentially a way for the players who want to be adequately self sufficient by generating their own objects, by collecting gold coins and not trading with other participants or utilizing any outside resources.

In the higher version of the game called Hardcore Ironman mode (HCIM) you could end up with a final punishment for a failure like permanent death. While moving ahead through the game, you can talk to the residents Adam or with Paul NPC to either become a regular Ironman or Hardcore Ironman.


In the normal OSRS Ironman money making account, the most proficient way is to begin by searching or questing. Carrying out assignments or missions would take you quickly to respectable levels from lower levels. On your gaining sufficient experience, quests dole out items and occasionally even gold. In the initial battle at some point of the game, you may feel quite trying and time and again miss hitting your target, and then these items or gold could save you time and overcome difficult leveling.

Here on, we will be discussing how the players can use the best Ironman money making methods. To begin with, you need to have to prepare an account for being efficient in the process of making gold. Even fresh RuneScape players can make gold and maximize profit.

However, some critical points have to be remembered. Foremost is your skill in Agility (alertness) level, more your swiftness better for making gains during the game. With better Agility level you get more power to scamper and enhanced chances of retrieval of assets. As an osrs Ironmen you would not be eligible to utilize all of the teleports to transport you across space and distance instantly, the option open to you is by running with your built-up energy.


The next skill that you need to master in the game is Magic.  The more you get comfortable with Magic better for you to train your combat style to fight efficiently with your enemies and bring in more rewards. There are some reasons to train yourself for Magic, which we shall discuss a little later.

Level 55

Level 55 is the most essential ingredient of every Ironman to unlock the High Alchemy spell. Else, you will have to sell your assets and reduce profits.  So, do not squander your income before reaching level 55 Magic. Make all efforts to reach this level as early as possible.


The next skill in your skill development is Questing. Here, you have to earn travelling items like Camulet or Ectophial and to succeed in as many missions as possible. You have to be self-dependent. While teleport travel can take you nearer to your target, many missions demand high capabilities, consistent efforts would reach you there.  Your dedication will not only give you rewards but also much-needed items for your future requirements.

OSRS Ironman Money Making Methods

Now, let us look at 17 popular ways to make gold in the OSRS Ironman money making game, remember that as we progress in the game, the difficulty level too increases, so be agile and do not give up easily.


Level: Little bit risky, Requirements: None

Early in the game, this is one of the most accepted ways to make some easy money. Reach the third floor to get to the reward room of the Security Stronghold. Move over into the Barbarian Village and leap down the centre hole. Go through the various doors by responding to some easy safety queries that could take you nearer to your reward. A tiny map is available for you to look for your path in case you are misled into the tangle. Remember gold is only found on the third floor but for gaining rewards the four floors need to be travelled. If you have not encountered any obstacles you can skip the final level. For your journey carry some food with you to feed the monsters you may encounter. This is the start of your escapade to be carried out once but not for making money.


Level: Risky, Requirements: None

Here, if you want to earn yourself some extra gold, the best gamble is to plunder items at the Wilderness. Be vigilant as other players may try to kill you since you are on a lower level, and loot the collection that you have stored in an open zone. Ensure to keep all your precious equipment in the depository. Proceed to level 24 for the Ruins at Wildy. Here you can find Steel Platelegs. Jump over to the next world to trade and increase your stash, then sell all and store your gold in the bank.

Requirements: Large amounts of Silver or Gold ore

You begin your expedition from here by buying Holy Mould and Tiara Mould at the Al-Kharid store. The ores you have earned can be converted into bars by filling the moulds that you have bought. With your crafting skill prepare and accumulate holy symbols, but do not sell them.  You can lock them at the Bank and proceed towards Edgeville.

The next step towards your success is to sell your newly made goods at the Bandit Store. The gangsters sell your goods for 120 gp each. Put your expertise to test and farm mine rocks at Varrock. These mines are the closest to the bank. The mined rocks can be smelted at the Edgeville and shaped at Al-Kharid. Convert your gold to Tiaras, Necklaces, or Amulets but not coins to earn a better profit.


Level: Risky, Requirements: Bronze sword and some food

Your journey starts by going over the Lava Maze that is in the northwest nearer Wilderness. At this level, you need to pick up Steel bodies from the ground and seed them.  If you are lucky and have crossed 55 Magic, then you are allowed to carry Fire runes and Nature runes. These runes let you melt stuff into gold, thus saving you from going over to sell your items at the stores. Be watchful as you may get caught by others. While at the PVP zone run fast into the wildly and remember to carry your basic requirements with you.


Level: Risky, Requirements: Agility 51+ to be best possible, a weapon, waterskins and maybe food.

Though risky you are still safe and you do not get killed by any other player. The only thing that can kill you is heat in the desert and the blockages that you may encounter which can hurt you.  In this agility course, you can end up with some hit points. But if you use your weapon on time you can overcome the heat and sustain. The smart saving method for your life is by filling the waterskins with water by cutting through the cactus that is growing near the pyramid. In this method, ensure to fit yourself with complete buoyant travel gear. Taking the Magic Carpet proceed towards Pollnivneach in Shantay Pass. Upon reaching the village, quickly run to Agility Pyramid towards your south. Meet NPC Simon Templeton; speak to him regarding the Pyramid Top and move on to Pyramid Course. You may not encounter problems if your agility is over 51.  Pick the item found at the top of the Pyramid and return to the NPC. On successful completion of this venture, NPC Simon will pay you for 10k gold for every Pyramid Top. If you enjoy doing this venture you are allowed to repeat this course any number of times.


Level: Safe, Requirements: 15 numbers of Slayer, 20 numbers of Ranged, earmuffs, and necessary equipment to find monsters

Here you need to take a boat from Port Sarim to reach Great Kourend. At Port Sarim south of the inn you would find Veos waiting, ask him to take you to the Port Piscarilius. On arrival travel towards west and locate Kourend Castle. Pass through the big obelisk abutting the castle gates, and enter the cave. Swiftly run south till you see a crack in the wall and wedge through it. If you proceed towards west you may have an encounter with the Twisted Banshees. Fight the Twisted Banshees out and make some extra gold, and some High Alchemy runes.


Level: Safe, Requirements: Death to the Dorgeshuun, 20 Thieving

Your game begins by entering the trapdoor at the northwest of Lumbridge Castle. When you are well inside the cave, you can find a trap door hidden just below the wall, at the rear of the man speaking to the cultists there. Here H.A.M. guards are your targets. Collect High Alchemy runes to capitalize on your profits, it saves your time, adds keys and gold to your loot pool. The keys help you go over to every room and open chests and continue stealing jewellery that can be sold in Port Sarim.


Level: Safe, Requirements: Shilo Village quest, 40 mining, 43 crafting to cut gems, Chisel, Pickaxe

To make gold as an Ironman in OSRS widen your skills in at least one among the two skills – Mining and Crafting. Start here for Shilo Village quest to find and add as many gems as possible to your collection. Chisel them using your crafting experience, then either sell in Port Sarim jewellery store or bank them for future use.


Level: Safe, Requirements: 50 Hunter Lost City quest, impling jars.

Implings can be caught in the territory of Puro Puro the homeland of Imp-like creatures.  Identify teleporting circles in the wheat fields of Gielinor to get there. The alternative route is by completing the two parts of the Fairy Tale quest to get access to the Fairy Ring teleportation network and consequently to Zanaris teleport.  At Puro Puro start catching Eclectic Implings. Even though 50 Hunter is the basic requirement to begin, any extra Hunters can be utilized to unlock Nature Implings and trade them for Jar Generator at Elnock’s Exchange. While farming, amass Nature Impling, Eclectic ones and Essence Implings to exchange them with Jar Generator. With Jar Generators you can break jars.  With these Implings, you can trade them for the Net that increases the chance of you capturing them.


Level: Safe, Requirements: 10 Crafting, 35 Fletching, 30 Woodcutting

To add to your Ironman Account, your acquired Fletching and Woodcutting skills are put in use in this field. Make Fletch best bows with your skill by attaching strings. Experience enough Woodcutting, Fletching and Crafting skills.


Level: Safe, Requirements: 20 Thieving

At the Ardougne Market, you shall come across various stalls selling items including Silk. There lies our interest of thieving Silk from the stall and selling them back to the stall owner. This is possible if you are able to steal the silk and store it in the Bank. Each piece of stolen silk can be sold at 60 GP.


Level: Safe/Risky, Requirements: Regular combat equipment

This is the best part of the game for the Ironman RuneScape player. The Slayer gives you the right of entry to kill the monsters. Make gold and equip yourself better to be a strong OSRS Ironman. From the Slayer farm get 50 Attack and 80 Combat to become more profitable. Generally, higher-level monsters yield better gold, get them with the best combat you can. For Ironman, Slayer is the best farm to gamble as a few monsters let fall plenty of gold.


Level: Risky, Requirements:   60 Strength, 60 Agility, 55 Magic

Begin your game by gathering alching Ecumenical Keys from the God Wars Dungeon.  Be watchful since this is not a safe zone, high possibility are there that you may die if you are not careful. At the Bandit Camp, move ahead towards the dungeon. Enter straight into the main room and reach the safe spot at Zamorak.  Take on the Imps who are the residents of Zamorak, pick the Ecumenical Keys from the drop table. In the wilderness, you may be the aim of the players to kill. With the keys loot the bank and cash in your loot. You may retain three keys with you.


Level:  Safe, Requirements:  Minimum 65 in Thieving skill, Rogue Trader, Rogue Equipment and The Feud quest.

Using your thieving skills, you can make money from the blackjacking Menaphite Thugs.  Knock them down and rob their pockets, multiple times before they are active again.


Level:  Safe, Requirements:  55 in Thieving skill, Ardougne diary completed, and Rogue Equipment

Easy money comes by pick pocketing Men around Lumbride and Master Farmer. Lure the knights to the Ardougne Market Square and plunder them . With your availability requirements, you should be successful in robbing the Ardougne Knights.


Level:  Safe, Requirements: High Combat stats, finished Dragon Slayer II Quest

In this method of combat farming, two creatures are worth killing for unlocking the Dragon Slayer II. Kill your main rival Vorgath. You may not get any precious items from him, yet you can return to his cave after a quest to brawl with him and get rewards. Keep in mind, Vorgath will be much stronger on your return, than you have previously challenged. Expect to get some Rune items and bars and dragon hides as valuables.


Level:  Safe, Requirements:  70+ Agility, 62 Crafting, 63 Magic, 43 Prayer, 59 Rune crafting, Graceful Outfit, Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon, higher battle staves, supplies through completion of Varrock Diaries or through 66 Magic.

This is the best method to make some gold by creating Battle staves and get experience in two skills – Crafting and Magic.  Build up an inventory of Graceful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Dueling and the Anti-Dragon Shield. Add cosmic runes, logs, antidote and unpowered orbs. If you are with less than 70 Agility take a Dust Key along. From Castle, Wars catch the balloon to go to Taverley and then to the Fire Obelisk. Charge here all your orbs and teleport yourself to reach the Castle Wars. With the available orbs make Battle staves and turn them into gold by using High Alchemy.


Level:  Safe, Requirements:  77 Rune crafting, At least 75 Agility

By using a pickaxe you can mine concentrates and chisel them to glory. Prepare the stones to the Blood Altar and charge Runes. Your repeated running should get you at least 212 Blood Runes for one visit to the altar. You can sell the Blood Runes at Ali Morrisane for 200gp each. Ideally, you should make more than 300k gold every hour and 40k of experience.


This completes our run to earn at OSRS Ironman Money Making. Mining is one of the most popular Skills in this game, and for a good reason, when leveled high enough it can be used for making a lot of Gold. At most Ironman races allow you to play for 17 hours to complete all three parts of the race; it is profitable and also very Skill-demanding.


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