How to Withdraw Money from Phone Pe Wallet | What is Phone Pe Wallet?

Do you want to withdraw money from your Phone Pe Wallet but this money is not able to be withdrawn in your bank account. Many such people have a question that How to Withdraw Money from Phone Pe Wallet but their answer is not that easy. Because there are no direct options available through which money can be withdrawn in the bank account. But there is nothing to worry about, today we will know about this topic in detail.

As you all will know, it is very easy to deposit money in Phone Pe Wallet but equally difficult to withdraw it. But today I am going to tell you about some such ways by which you can withdraw your money. So let’s know about them.

What is Phone Pe Wallet?

Phone Pe Wallet is a wallet provided by the Phone Pe company, in which you can easily do any kind of online shopping, recharge, merchant work by adding money from your bank account. Also a new feature has been launched in which Phone Pe users can get the facility of auto top-up by allowing them to set UPI e-mandates.

How to Withdraw Money from Phone Pe Wallet? 

Here I am going to tell you about 2 such ways to transfer money from Phone Pe Wallet to bank account by which you can withdraw your money in the account. For this, just apply the method given below carefully.

Method 1 to Withdraw Money from Phone pe Wallet to Bank Account

  • Step 1: – First of all, you have to open the Phone Pe App in your mobile. After that I scroll down. Go to the Investments section.
  • Step 2: – Now open it by clicking on Gold.
  • Step 3: – Now you have to click on Buy Gold. Buy MMTC-PAMP Gold only.
  • Step 4 :- In the next step you have to put money to buy gold as much as you have in your wallet. And proceed by clicking on Buy Now.
  • Step 5: – In the last step, tick Phone Pe Wallet to pay you and OK on Buy. Your gold has now been bought.

Now you can sell this bought gold in your bank account after 24 hours. In this process, you have to pay a GST charge of 3%.

Method 2 To Withdraw Money From Phone Pe Wallet

If you are facing any kind of problem in the first method and you are not able to buy gold then use this second method.

  • Step 1: – First of all you have to go to the nearest retailer or shop where the online payment transaction process takes place. And who has a Phone Pe Business account.
  • Step 2 :- Now tell your problem to the shopkeeper that you are going to transfer the following money to their bank account. And take money from them in return.
  • Step 3: – Now you must be thinking that why this? So let me tell this because on sending money to Phone Pe Business account, all the money in your wallet goes directly to their bank easily. And there is no charge of any kind.

How Much Money can be Transferred in Phone Pe App at a Time?

If you want to transfer money from Phone Pe, then within 24 hours you can transfer only a maximum of 1 lakh rupees. That is, Phone Pe UPI Transaction Limit – 1 lakh rupees in a day.

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Where can You Use Phone Pe Wallet and Benefits of Phone Pe Wallet?

You can do many types of transactions with Phone Pe Wallet. And make your balance safe and secure. Phone Pe Wallet can be used in the following places.

  1. Phone Pe Wallet can be used for any kind of online shopping.
  2. Earn money from Refer & Earn, you can collect money in the wallet.
  3. Can be used for mobile recharge, merchant transactions etc.
  4. In this, the facility of auto top up can be turned on.

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