How to Invest in Lincoln ? All Details Of Lincoln Pharmaceutical Limited

You are probably looking to invest in Lincoln but still, doubt about clearing before investment or don’t know how to invest in Lincoln properly. Lots of questions are going into your mind to give accurate solutions to every single doubt.

Lincoln is a well-known pharmaceutical company, who is rising with the speed of skyrocket. After the pandemic Covid-19 hits the world suddenly, the stock price of all pharmaceutical companies has reached so far compared to the previous share price before the pandemic.

The need for medical equipment, shortage of medicine, and research started, which was eventually the main reason for the rise of share stocks. These are expected to rise for more than decades and might be more, according to analysts.

Before Investing in Lincoln’s Shares Let Us Go Through Every Detail Related to How to Invest in Lincoln.

How to Invest in Lincoln

History of Lincoln Pharmaceutical Limited

Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited is a pharma company that was established in 1979 as a partnership firm. Later in 1995, it was converted into a public limited company. Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited was founded by Mahendra G Patel, Rajnikant G Patel, and Hasmukhbhai I Patel. The company used to make the product on a loan license basis from 1979 to 1982. after which, the company established its manufacturing units at Naroda Gujarat to produce some of the companies used to manufacture pharma products. And it continued to have other effects on a loan lenience basis. In 2000-2001 the company was granted WHO registration.

What do They Make?

The Lincoln pharma limited produces an exclusive range of pharma products beginning from tablets capsules injections to liquid and dry syrups (dry powder). And under each of these products, there is a large variety of variants of every product. The company has built a modern manufacturing plant in Gujarat to manufacture a small volume of pharma products to cope with the small demands and increase its capacity for the existing products.

Location of The Lincoln Pharmaceutical Limited

The registered office of Lincoln pharmaceuticals is situated in Ahmadabad, India; the corporate office of Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited is located in Ahmadabad, India. The factory/plant of Lincoln pharma limited is situated in Gandhinagar, India.

Current Authorities of Lincoln Pharmaceutical Limited

The current managing director of Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited is Mahendra G Patel. The current director of Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited is Arvind G Patel. The current chairman of Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited is Kishorebhai M Shah.


Some of the significant shareholders of the Lincoln pharmaceuticals limited are :

  • Number of shares: 20000000
  • Promoters: 7556339
  • Foreign institutions: 2037
  • Others: 4337481
  • General public: 8104090
  • Financial institutions: 53

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals are Limited and Essential Pieces of Information

The market at the moment is good for some companies and bad for others. It is continuously varying as per the conditions prevailing in the market. As far as the pharma sector is concerned, we all know that due to this pandemic, this one sector has shown positive growth in recent times .so people are expecting sales and numbers to be good. But the sales will not be skyrocketing as we know there was a labor shortage and raw material shortage, so this could be one of the drawbacks. So it is good to invest in the pharma sector right now but not every firm or company in this industry is doing good, so one needs to be careful. The holding power of the owners is increasing. The financial position is stable, and debt is also less. All in all, this is a good share.

How to Invest in Lincoln Pharmaceutical Limited

You can buy the shares of Lincoln pharmaceuticals on any app that sells shares at the current prevailing price. You can see it in the insider that the company owners are buying more and more claims. There has been a steady growth in the share price of Lincoln pharmaceuticals. Profit of the company is also gradually increasing .earning per share is also growing. You can buy shares of the Lincoln pharmaceuticals in the secondary market.

To invest in Lincoln pharmaceuticals, you have to open a Demat account to store your purchased shares in that account. You have to open a trading account to buy and sell shares from that account .you have to link it with your bank account so you can make payments. You may also have to fill some forms for verification. You can open these accounts in any investing app.


We hope our valuable information will help you clear your doubt regarding how to invest in Lincoln with all the other information we shared. So moving on to the conclusion, if you have money in small numbers and may in the considerable number, you should invest on this time to enjoy the more profits. Investing in the long term may give more security and assurance. It is always advised that you invest in intraday trading when you have sufficient knowledge and decent experience; however, investing in long doesn’t lot knowledge and experience.

In the long run, Lincoln may help to give to more and extra profit than you expect. The rise of Pharmaceutical companies after the pandemic is seen a sudden surge, so this is the perfect time to invest in Lincoln and any pharmaceutical company. However, we are likely to inform you, and it is advised to take your financial advisor before investing your money because we don’t take responsibility for loss and profit. According to big market investors, the Pharmaceutical Company will rise too high. It is high time to invest in the market to grab the opportunity for a considerable number of profits.

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