SBI E Mudra Loan Scheme – How To Apply, Documents Required, Complete Details

How to take SBI E Mudra Loan: SBI E Mudra loan scheme has been started by the Government of India, this scheme comes under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme. Under the E-mudra loan scheme, it is given by State Bank of India.

The benefit of this scheme is given for poor families, who want to start their own small or medium business. Under this scheme, State Bank of India offers attractive interest rates to its customers.

Apart from this, the loan also provides options with processing fees and easy installments of loan repayment. Provides loan up to 50000 to the customers of State Bank of India in e-mudra loan scheme.

The repayment period of this loan has been kept at 5 years, i.e. 60 months taken in the e-mudra loan scheme at an interest rate of 9% per annum, the loan has to be repaid.

In this, State Bank of India does not charge any interest for 3 months in the beginning. That is, your loan repayment period becomes 3 months plus 63 months.

Through this article we will tell you how to apply for sbi e mudra loan? And what documents are required? Who can take advantage of this e-mudra loan scheme?

For this you have to stay till the end of the article. So let us know in detail about this SBI E-Mudra Loan Scheme.

SBI E Mudra Loan Terms

State Bank of India has put some of the following conditions for taking SBI e mudra loan sbi. After completing which you can apply for taking SBI E-mudra loan.

  1. The repayment tenure of sbi e mudra loan is 5 years.
  2. The maximum amount limit for availing instant loan after availing SBI E Mudra Loan is Rs 50,000. Under this loan scheme instant you can take loan only up to maximum 50000 or below 50000.
  3. It has been said by the State Bank of India that to take sbi e mudra loan, the account holder’s account should be at least 6 months old, or more than that only then you can take advantage of this loan scheme.
  4. You will need a micro-entrepreneur to take an e-mudra loan.
  5. The maximum loan limit of E-mudra loan has been kept at ₹ 100000.
  6. Whenever you want to take more than 50,000 loan under this scheme then you have to visit your nearest SBI bank branch.

SBI E Mudra Loan Documents

You will need the following documents to apply for SBI Mudra Loan, such as-

  1. The applicant taking sbi e mudra loan should have a bank passbook of savings account or current account.
  2. In addition to the name of the business being started by the applicant and the date of commencement, where and where he is starting it should be known.
  3. The applicant’s account should be linked to his Aadhar card, only then he can apply for the e-Mudra loan scheme.
  4. Apart from this, from which community the applicant should have and caste certificate.
  5. Where the applicant wants to do business, there should be documents of shop and house in addition to the enrollment certificate of the business.


  1. The applicant should be from a field other than agriculture and the applicant should not have a government job. Only then can you apply for it.
  2. Applicant’s business should be small.
  3. The income of the applicant should not be more than 10 lakhs.
  4. The financial record of the applicant should be correct.

SBI E Mudra Loan Apply Online At SBI

To take SBI e-mudra loan, first of all you should have a current account savings account with State Bank of India. Which should be at least 6 months old, and in addition to this, the maximum loan amount given in SBI e-mudra loan is only ₹ 100000. Which is given to start small and medium business.

How to Apply SBI E Mudra Loan Offline

The applicant should go to the official website of e-mudra loan and download the e-mudra form.

Fill all the information asked by the applicant in the form without any hesitation.

Applicants should apply for E-KYC through UAIDI to complete the OTP verification step for loan processing.

Along with its filled form, putting all the documents where you have an account in State Bank of India. Submit it there. After this, the employees there will complete the further process of this form, as soon as the process is completed.

Now an SMS will come on your entered mobile number, after the SMS, money will be sent to the account by SBI within 1 month.

This is done offline process, now we will know how to apply online in e-mudra loan scheme.

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How to Apply SBI E Mudra Loan Online

Online application for taking e-mudra loan can be done in the following step-by-step manner-

The first step is that you have to go to the official website of State Bank of India.

After this, the SBI page will open in front of you, on the same home page, an ideal service option will be given, by clicking on which you have to search by typing e mudra.

After searching by typing e mudra, a new page will open on your desktop in which you will have to enter your mobile number Aadhar card number.

After entering the mobile number Aadhar card number, an OTP will come on the number entered by you, you have to enter that OTP. Now click on sumbit or next.

After this, a new page will open in front of you in which you will have to enter your account number, the account number should be of State Bank of India.

Then it will ask you how much loan you want to take and enter that loan amount. After that you have to tap on proceed.

When you click on proceed then you will come to a new page in which you have to enter your personal details like what is pan card number? What is your educational qualification? And what is the house number?

How much is your monthly income? How many members are there in the family? What is your category? You have to fill the information etc. After this, you have to click on the proceed option in front of you.

When you will click on proceed option, then you will come again to a new page asking for your business information, fill in the information about the business you want to do. After filling, click on proceed again.

As soon as you click on Proceed, all the information you have filled will appear in one page. If the information you entered is incorrect, you can edit it again. If all your filled information is correct.

After that you have to do Aadhar verification. For verification, after entering your Aadhaar number, an OTP will be sent to your registered Aadhaar mobile number, you have to e-sign by entering the OTP.

After that you have to click on the Proceed option again.

After clicking, your application will be accepted. Take a print out of the accepted application.

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What is E-Mudra Loan Interest Rate?

Talking about the interest rate of SBI E-mudra loan, the interest rate is determined as per the instructions of SBI. For example, the interest rate of SBI E-mudra loan has been kept maximum 12.35% and minimum 8.40%. These interest rates also change from time to time.

Note – If you want to read the term and condition then you click on proceed to this sign, all the given term and condition will appear in front of you.

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