Best Investment Plan For 5 Years in SBI in India

What are the best investment plan for 5 years in SBI? Several investment plans are specially designed and structured to make you gain maximum profits in the shortest period. You should remember a few essential things when investing in the best investment plan for 5 years in SBI. First of all, you should remember that every plan will have a different withdrawal rate because of different rates of interest and bonus schemes offered by the SBI.

The only thing for which we keep running in life is happiness and peace. And in today’s world, being financially stable and independent, and having a promising and well-planned future financially, is the most significant source of happiness. Financial backing support is required in every small to the big decision of life; it can be buying or building a house, plans for kids’ education or post-retirement plans. There are plans for a shorter period, like less than five years. The problem with these types of plans is that they don’t give a reasonable interest. Other than these, there are plans for a more extended period, i.e., more than 10 years. The minor issue with these plans is that they will make you wait for a very long time, which is difficult in general. Of course, there are plans for different periods, but a 5-year plan is preferred because it’s neither too long to wait for eternity nor too short of giving small benefits.

Best Investment Plan For 5 Years in SBI – Invest To Make Money

SBI Smart Humsafar

It is a traditional joint-life endowment plan with some exceptional features. In this investment plan, the husband and wife can be covered under a single policy under a guaranteed bonus @ 2.50% of the sum assured in the first 5 years of the plan.  With SBI’s Smart Humsafar, you can enjoy many benefits like flexible premium payments, higher loan amounts, and instant approval of loans and mortgages. The interest rate is slightly higher than other investment plans of SBI. The SBI Smart Humsafar is committed to providing customers with the most secure, convenient and affordable investment plans in the market. The scheme offers its customers an opportunity to get the sum assured within a brief period up to a specific limit. This is done through the help of a very flexible policy term, which helps the customer get the finance as quickly as possible.

SBI Life Smart Money Planner

The SBI Life Smart Money Planner provides a simple, straightforward, user-friendly, feature-rich, non-connected investment package that helps the investor achieve their financial goals. It helps the insured to meet all their financial needs at different stages of life. It provides a permanent income supplement to the cash value policy with the help of a guaranteed interest contract. This ensures a steady flow of money throughout retirement and ensures long-term benefits to the insurance holder if any. It offers the best return on the life annuity and helps to make savings for the future.  The SBI Life Smart Money Planner has three essential features: an income guarantee, a tax shelter facility, and a flexible guaranteed annuity option. The income guarantee provides a steady stream of income, even during the retirement period. Rebates are allowed in premium for choosing higher sum Assured levels of Rs.3 lakhs and above. The tax shelter facility allows the investment amount to be withdrawn without paying taxes. Finally, the flexible guaranteed annuities option allows the investors to choose the form of annuity that suits their needs.

SBI CSC Saral Sanchay

Today, when looking for the best investment plans for 5 years, you should think about SBI CSC Saral Sanchay. It has an excellent claim settlement record, and this has made it very popular amongst investors. The SBI CSC Saral Sanchay policy comes with a fixed premium rate, and one has to pay 25% of the amount. This is quite affordable, and people do not mind paying this amount. One can get a maximum of 15 years of cover for his death benefit, so the premiums are high but still affordable for all. When applying for this type of policy, one has to mention the beneficiary’s name, and the beneficiaries can be anybody.

SBI Life Smart Income Protect

SBI Life Smart Income Protection is an old term life scheme that provides guaranteed yearly payouts of 11 % of the expected Sum Assured (SA) over 15 years after plan inception. SBI Life Smart offers a wide range of advantages, benefits, features and restrictions, along with the usual inclusions. SBI Life Smart provides the best possible return on investment for the amount invested, with a high level of safety. SBI Life has an assured acceptance process and a one time claim processing fee that is considerably low than other life assurance products. This is in comparison to the various life assurance products like Term Life Insurance, etc. The best feature of the SBI life smart income protection plan is its Guaranteed Deposit feature. The money in the SBI Life cover can be withdrawn at 62 if there is no death or permanent disability for the policyholder.

Final Words of Best Investment Plan For 5 Years in SBI

SBI, State Bank of India, is the 43rd largest bank globally, and India’s no.1 public sector bank holds the 23 per cent asset market share and a 25 per cent share of the total loan and deposit market. Before 1955, SBI had worked as a nationalized bank; it is a highly reputed service provider in the finance industry. And it introduced some of the best investment plans for 5 years. Before knowing about the investment plans, let’s look at the features of the SBI investment plan. There is no doubt that SBI has proven itself and has earned the position and value in the market. They provide multiple investments plans for you to choose the pan according to your financial comfort. They provide security to your invested amount. They also provide security to your family for any uncertainty or mishappening. None of us wants to invest for an extended period, so they provide a short-term investment with good returns.

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